Training and Employment

The Training and Employment Service develops various programs that try to alleviate some of the training deficiencies that have some people looking for work.

Specifically, these programs include actions aimed at training and employment of young people with a low level of education; unemployed people with training and employment needs; people who need specific support for vocational training and employment (disabled, immigrants, women prisoners, ...).



  1. Provide a service orientation in the development and design itineraries job search. The unemployed or aspiring to improved employment person is received by the Guardians, who inform them of the Club service jobs Career Guidance, the intervention methodology user, resources and services provided therefrom and the performance standards . Then the tutor completes the tab partner, conducting what we call Individualized Tutorial, which aims to establish a first contact with the user, collecting relevant information to facilitate advice in the process of job search, as adjusted possible to the needs of the unemployed / busy and diagnose the employability presented by the same person.
  2. Locate resources (information on job boards, practices for graduates / College as / as, FPO courses, scholarships for exchange programs, offers public and private employment) in order to better serve the group of unemployed / as.
  3. Weekly update of job offers and training and insert on the website of the OFE:
  4. Advise the unemployed / a in the use of resources provided by the Club for active job search, mainly internet browsing, subscription job portals, development of Curriculum and letters.
  5. Preparation of the weekly bulletin of employment.
  6. Updating the data collected on the boards of private companies. Listings of temporary employment agencies, associations and professionals and extension of the same schools.
  7. Labor intermediation. Currently the Club contact companies and brokers in most cases telephone manner in order to obtain more information about specific jobs and while receiving calls from the same recording the generated offers and giving the advertising dissemination required : insertion on the web, posters on bulletin boards, preparation of surveys using the database partners and further contact with them, informing them about job openings.


1. Revitalisation and implementation of courses FPO; which entails:

                 * Publication and dissemination of the offer in our office, in the press department of the Hon. City Hall and other local entities.

                 * Information and guidance to the applicants, published on the training offer.

                 * Reception and collection of written applications for post baremación.

2. Implementation of FPO courses in collaboration with other entities. Collaborating since this entity, in attracting students, delivery and information to applicants and users of this delegation training and employment promotion of the city.