Location and environment


Sanlucar de Barrameda is situated on the Atlantic coast of Andalusia, one of the main towns in the province of Cadiz. Specifically nestled on the left bank of the mouth of the Guadalquivir River and facing one of the main natural reserves on the European continent, the Donana National Park. Its municipality covers an area of 166.18 km2. Its setting, surrounded by nature, river, natural parks, countryside ... is highly valued from the environmental point of view. The nearest populations have varied and interesting attractions, both cultural and landscape as equity. Limits the north with the river Guadalquivir, Donana National Park and the municipality of Trebujena; east to Jerez de la Frontera; south with those of Rota and Puerto de Santa María and west, with the municipality of Chipiona, the Atlantic Ocean and the river Guadalquivir again.


Communications, both at the provincial and regional levels, are guaranteed to travel through high-tech means and speed as the TGV, AVE, 100 kms. and Jerez airport, 30 kms., along with a diverse network of county and local roads.


Its climate is Oceanic Mediterranean, with mild temperatures in both summer and winter, with an average temperature throughout the year of 17 ° C. Sanlúcar enjoys a microclimate characterized by milder temperatures in the province, less rain and higher humidity. Sanlúcar light is one of its most characteristic features and sunshine hours add up to more than 3,000 a year., Which makes this municipality in one of the sunniest in Europe.


Sanlúcar population reaches 65,435 inhabitants (to 01/01/2010), accounting for more than 50% of citizens under 25 years. Thus, it may be considered sanluqueña population as one of the youngest of Spain.