• Promotion of sport through carrying out activities directly or in partnership with sports clubs and associations.
  • Raising funds from other administrations for the realization of jointly: Activities, Facilities, Construction and / or improvement of sports facilities. Also local business (sports sponsorship).
  • According to sports federations and / or administrations for conducting competitions in provincial, regional and national.
  • Processing of documentation for sport organizations legalization.
  • Activation of sports education through sports Schools conveniadas.
  • Harnessing and manage municipal aid to local sports authorities to enable their operation and survival.
  • Maintenance and improvement of sports facilities that are part of the Municipal Service.
  • Organizational advice and applying for grants to local sports organizations.
  • Programming, design and development of municipal sports structure. Implementation of local administrative powers.
Técnico Responsable
Polideportivo Municipal
956 38 80 16 Fax; 956 38 80 17
  • Promotion of sport as a healthy and effective social and physical channeling of the population means.
  • Create habits groupware, improvement and enjoyment of leisure in the population.
  • Improve and train the sports structure of non-profit organizations of the city.
  • Provide appropriate and sufficient sports facilities, the sports movement needs.
  • Adequately train midlevel sports center which has the population increase and facilitate their progress.